Art of the Title

Animated title sequences for feature and short films

Projects include A Year of Your Love (2009), First Feelings (2010), Jack Said (2009), Jack Falls (2011), Elena Quiere (2007) and A Handul of Dust (2011).

Client: Kalimasu Productions, Lionsgate, Lolita Films
Location:: UK & Spain

Jack Said (2009) & Jack Falls (2011)

Animated titles and opening credits for contemporary film noir “Jack”, British independent feature film trilogy inspired in Paul Tanter’s illustrated novel.

Jack Said (2009) was released in the UK theatrically at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus on September 25th 2009, followed by a nationwide DVD and Blu-ray release distributed by Lionsgate UK.. It was the prequel to the already successful Jack Says film (2008) followed by the last sequel in the series, Jack Falls (2011).

The title sequence portrays the style of the film’s contemporary film noir, with comic book undertones that reflect its graphic novel Jack Said. Title sequence was officially selected for the LUMEN_EX Digital Arts Exhibit 2010 (Spain).

Jack Said Storyboard

Jack Falls Storyboard

Elena Quiere

Designed artwork and title sequence Award Winning Spanish short film “Elena Quiere (What Elena Wants)“, directed by Lino Escalera, produced by Lolita Films. Showcased in more than seventy international festivals, Elena Quiere received over twenty awards in various categories.

Project Details: Titles & Opening Credits, Artwork, Press Dossier, DVD Menu

A Year Of Your Love

A 12 minute HD short film by Richard Edwards, A Year of Your Love is an intimate tale of love, hope and injustice, following the lives of the driven, Ugandan Ina and the needy, English Andy. Designed opening title sequence (displayed below is an initial proposal) and artwork for distribution (DVD, CDs, Poster). Officially Selected for London Independent Film Festival 2009.

Writer/ Director: Richard Edwards (BBC Drama Series, Hampstead Theatre, Southwark Playhouse)

Project Details: Titles & Opening Credits, Artwork, Press Dossier, DVD Menu