A collaborative animation between animator Brenda Roberts Costa and musicians Alex Klimovitsky and Sebastiano Ferranti featuring the artwork of Sofia Schizas, officially selected in 14 Film Festivals world-wide.
BAND:: Youthless
DOWNLOAD LP:: Smarturl.it/Youthless_NoAge

The initial idea for this collaboration originates from the latest single HIGH PLACES from the band’s LP “This Glorious No Age” – a song inspired by the silence invoked during a solo hiking trip that Youthless singer/ lyricist/ drummer Klimovitsky took through the mountains of Peneda-Gerês National Park (Portugal). HIGH PLACES is a call to and longing for humans to move towards higher ground to observe our place and function in the world from above.

Music Written and Produced by Alex Klimovitsky & Sebastiano Ferranti (Youthless)
Artwork by Sofia Schizas
Directed by Brenda Roberts Costa
DOWNLOADS: Press Book , Storyboard , Poster , GIFs , Stills (01, 02, 03)
SITES: Bored Panda , Buzzfeed Community , Stream LP , Giphy
SCREENER: “High Places” Youthless | Music Video
ORDER “This Glorious No Age”

Official Selection Film Festivals 2016-2017

TMFF UK, February 2016
Los Angeles CineFest USA, March 2016
The MODCON London Film Festival UK, March 2016
ADAO Open Day Portugal, April 2016
18th Ismailia International Film Festival  Egypt, April 2016
 Porto 7 International Film Festival,  Portugal, June 2016
 Glastonbury Groovy Movie Film Festival, UK, June 2016
 Maryland 60 Seconds Or Less Video Festival, USA, June 2016
 Anibar International Animation Festival, Kosovo, August 2016
 Short Of The Year Promofest, Spain, August 2016
 Cut Out Fest, Querétaro, Mexico, November 2016
 Blow-Up, Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival, USA, November 2016, FINALIST
 GDANSK, Animation Film Festival, Poland, November 2016