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December 21st, 2016


We wanted to take a minute of your time to thank for being a part of our creative community and contributing with your support to a year full of great projects, exciting collaborations and motivating prospects for 2017. Here’s a brief summary of all we have been up to – thank you *|FNAME|*, happy holidays and we look forward to re-connecting in the coming year!

↓Lifebox Foundation

Animated Instructional Videos

Lifebox Foundation


We recently partnered with the amazing team at Lifebox, the international NGO working around the world to make surgery and anesthesia safer. We were approached with a challenging yet fascinating creative brief — create a series of videos in 5 diferent languages that would explain the functionalities and benefits of the Lifebox Oximeter, a life-saving piece of monitoring equipment that the NGO distributes to more than 100 countries worldwide.

We’re excited to share the final result with you and honoured to have collaborated in such a vital and
enriching project.

Get involved with the Lifebox safe anaesthesia programme go to, and don’t miss their latest documentary
The Checklist Effect

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↓Responsive Web Design

Biennal Flamenco 2016


Project Details

Our latest web-related project for ‘La Máquina de Flamenco’ recently launched in time for the 2016 Flamenco Bienal at Seville, pioneered by UX/UI & Front-End Designer
Davide Senatra.

These percussive automated wooden instruments, destined to be used for flamenco dance and music studies, will be made available for purchase on the
company website.

Read all about it on
Billboard Magazine

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↓Animated Music Video

High Places


Project Details

Our animated music video ‘High Places’ received its 13th Official Film Festival Selection as Finalist at the Blow-Up Chicago Arthouse Film Festival and Official Selection at Cut Out Fest 2016 (Mexico).

A big shoutout to all the followers, supporters and close to 50,000 viewers worldwide! Download
‘This Glorious No Age’

Take a music break – watch
High Places

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↓In the Press

Interview for Lifebox

Read our latest interview for the Lifebox Foundation

 Billboard Magazine

The launch of our latest website on Billboard

 Neo2 Magazine

As featured on Neo2 creative concept magazine


Paavo Media
Mobile Game for Heineken


Project Details

Paavo Media is a collective of digital creatives run by
Richard Edwards
offering insights-led digital consultancy, compelling online content and run engaging social media campaigns.

Their latest project Shwe Lann is a series of mobile road safety games commissioned by Heineken as part of
a national road safety campaign
aimed to stop thousands of people being killed on Myanmar’s roads every year.

Read more about Paavo’s work


Our Projects Around The World include custom animation for UK/US based Lifebox Foundation, upcoming logo design for Ecoblox/ BlissSpace in Goa and animated music video selected in 13 film festivals worldwide.

‹ Our global network reaches North America, Europe, Asia & Australia


Designers We Love›

Pepper Architecture

Séverine Gaillard is the talented interior designer behind
Pepper Architecture
based in Chamonix, France.