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We were recently approached by NY-based seekers of rare seeds and plants to re-design their brand logo. Here is a brief summary of our creative process from ideation to realization.

very brand bares its own story, and the starting point for every re-brand project is to review in detail the brand’s history and where to go from there. Once we reviewed the former logo and additional branded materials such as packaging, we are able to layout a detailed venn diagram containing all brand fundamentals (such as target audience, market positioning, etc), sources of inspiration and concepts discussed.

Preliminary doodles and sketches of shapes inspired on trees and the logo font begin to take shape. Valuable insights are also provided by any and all sources of inspiration, as is the case with the paintings by Thomas Cole (The Garden of Eden) and Frederic Edwin Church Above the Clouds at Sunrise. It is here where the concept for the logo is established – create a window peeping in through the leaves into a ‘garden of eden’-like landscape.


Having defined the general direction we wish to go in, we begin to work on the actual composition of the logo and the specific content that needs to be designed –– in this case, create an eden-esque landscape as seen through leaves inspired on the paintings by Cole and Church. We design and review various options for the leaves, the birds and colour palettes.


And once all final details, from the texture on the leaves to the kind of bird we wish to display and the right kind of ‘waterfall’ (the later being a much more relentless task than initially anticipated once we take into account the display sizes of the logo, where any pixel-perfect details will be lost int he smallest versions of the logo) the final logo is prepared to be applied to all digital and print applications. In the end, due to the reduced size the logo will be applied on digital formats, we decide to remove the leaves overlay and place the focus of the logo on the landscape.